Decorating With Rugs: What You Need To Know

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Moving away to college means moving away from security. Away from home cooked meals and familiar landscapes into a new environment surrounded by strangers. Even though it sounds scary, I was excited to go to university as it was the next step in my life. However, the transition from high school to college is not without its hardships like stress and adjustments.

One of the first obstacles, when I arrived at college, was our plain, small dorm. A dorm is supposed to make inhabitants feel welcomed, especially during the beginning of the year when students are still trying to adjust to the new environment. However, my dorm’s drab mustard-colored walls with patchy tiles did not help the mood. So, my roommate and I decorated our rooms to brighten our mood. She decorated her side with a blue and white theme while I decorated my side with movie posters. She lofted her bed and added bean bags for lounging. Decorating our room lead to comfort and happiness and it helped us bond. We transformed our rooms from the dreary, cold dorms into our second home, which we quickly outfitted with southwestern area rugs.

As winter break got closer, so did midterms and finals. Every student, including me, was starting to get more stressed. One day, while on a study break, I saw my suitemates had reorganized their entire dorm for Christmas. They made the room a winter wonderland complete with twinkling lights, mini Christmas trees, ornaments, a huge wreath on the door, and stockings all around the room. The decorating had taken their minds off stress, and in return, made the room more festive and fun. Their room was a reminder that the holidays were near and it helped lift our spirits during the distressing last weeks of school. In both instances, decor was integral in helping my suite and I adjust to the new college life. It transformed our dorms into an inviting environment and helped us bond as friends. Decorating may seem like a trivial task, but it really helped improve my suite’s rooms and moods.